Sunday, July 28, 2013


I finally feel like I'm progressing in re-establishing my business here on the island. Hallelujah! 
[making deliveries to new stockists!]

[officially registering my business on the island!!]


When the mist descends over the island, you will undoubtedly hear folk say 'Manannan's clock is upon us.'
Manannan is the mythical god of the sea, lord and protector of our land, the Isle of Man. It is said that in times of trouble he protected the island from enemies by throwing this cloak of mist over us. 
Personally it feels like the only vaguely positive thing to say when you can't see further than 5 metres ahead of you. Works for me!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

witching hour.

More and more I've been staying up late (late for ME at least - I used to go to bed by 10pm...) into witching hour, sitting in bed and drawing. It's marvellous

yes, let's.

I've already introduced you to Ruth. With her album recording and my studio opening both on the horizon, we've teamed up to motivate each other in our work. Every week or so we spend an afternoon or evening together to 'study buddy'. We always drink copious amounts of Yogi tea and this wisdom felt perfect for us:
p.s. please like Ruth's new Facebook page!


4 months have passed since my homecoming and I am pleased to announce my first 'local' stockist - The Sayle Gallery.
Many thanks to the new gallery manager, Babs Quilliam, for displaying my work so beautifully! It's lovely to see the remnants of Ebb Tide out in the world again!

[The Sayle Gallery, Villa Marina Colonnade, 1-3 Harris Promenade, Douglas -]

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


This island can be quite wonderful when it wants to be. Hello Summer!
[port st mary on tuesday]

[port st mary on wednesday]

[skiving off work at cregneash on thursday]

[helping a brilliant friend with an awesome photo shoot on sunday.]

eary cushlin.

Summertime exploring.

pink tea.

Taking a tea break on one of my three part time jobs - today I was web admin for Shakti Man Fair Trade

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


[forever spooning]

[swedish inspiration]

Monday, July 15, 2013


Last weekend I hopped over to the UK to visit my darling mother...we spent a lovely day in the gorgeous seaside town of Southwold. 

hej hej!

I snuck away for a weekend in Sweden 2 weeks ago...I'm rather in love.

[the train to Köping]


Sunday, July 14, 2013


This island is full of mysterious and sacred places. 
[tholt-y-will plantation]

[tholt-y-will plantation]

[tholt-y-will plantation]

[tholt-y-will plantation]

[cashtal yn ard]


Darling Warwick (dear friend, meditation teacher and fellow crazy dancer) has been clearing out my wee studio space!


[the yard - my studio is the lean-to on the right hand side]

[view across the yard from the studio]
I'm stoked to announce that The Isle of Man Arts Council have approved a grant to assist with my first 12 months studio rent! YEW!


Sunset from Langness.

finding beauty.

Can you tell that I've been walking a lot since my return home? 
This was Spanish Head last month:

[looking towards the Calf of Man]

spoon big.

BIG spoons for something special.

Sunday, July 07, 2013


Every June the Isle of Man hosts a massive motorbike event - the TT races. Whilst the bikes don't interest me, I did appreciate the sunrise and a visit from the Red Arrows.
[tower of refuge]

[douglas bay]

[red arrows!]

[bradda head]