Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Wednesday: 3 days 'til Ebb Tide.
[Megan assembling her 'Bloom' sculptures]

[Yah, amazing right?!]

[my empty space!]

[how wonderful to finally see them in the gallery]
Hey! It's Thursday! That means Mud Colony is open again!

final countdown

Monday: 5 days 'til Ebb Tide.
[pulling together the catalogue]

[writing sticky labels and desperately drinking tea]

[a gorgeous treat from dear Adriana]

Tuesday: 4 days 'til Ebb Tide. My birthday, a day OFF!
[note to self: hot birthdays are lovely]

[the most precious hand drawn card from a sweet friend]

Monday, February 25, 2013


One of the many, many sad aspects of leaving Australia is that I must say bye bye to some of my stockists. Every gallery and store that I have worked with in the last 3 years has been wonderful and I am very grateful to them for stocking my work, encouraging me to grow and supporting my arts practice. 

Before I pack up my work to ship home, Udessi are offering a special discount on my Silverdale Dreams porcelain cups. This is your last chance to buy these pieces in Australia...
Thank you to sweet Kim, the owner of Udessi and a practising ceramicist too. She approached me last year with an invitation to join Udessi, which I leapt upon having followed Kim's work and the gallery for years! She took my work to the Brisbane Finders Keeper Markets in November and also to the inaugural Big Design Market Melbourne in December - great exposure for a little potter like me. I'm gutted to end our working relationship, but I'll be following her progress avidly from afar (thank GOODNESS for Instagram!).

here + there

Sadly my time in Australia is drawing to a close. I am ineligible for any further visas and I must return home to the Isle of Man in 4 weeks time. My heart aches to leave, but I'm excited to explore new opportunities overseas.

I have lived here for 5 and a half years, first in Melbourne, then the Gold Coast. I came here with a head full of dreams of becoming an artist, but with little direction as to how to get there. I will leave having fulfilled those dreams and I will carry these skills with me to continue and grow my arts practice, wherever that may be.

Join me to celebrate or commiserate on Saturday 2 March when Megan Puls and I open Ebb Tide at Clay Art Benowa!
Doors open from 3pm, official opening by Stephanie Outridge Field at 4pm.
Let the champagne flow!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


*wipes brow*
The final firing for Ebb Tide was ALL GOOD! Big big love to Michaela for letting me use her kiln!
[look at them all!]

10 days 'til installation!

Mud Colony is about to close for the week - have you been over there yet?!

Monday, February 11, 2013

sniff, cough, ebb.

Despite a cold and horrid immigration bureaucracy, I had a splendid night at Miami Marketta on Friday:
 And Ebb Tide flows on...
[half way there!]

[the final firing!]

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

chai lattes and late nights

The last week of making for Ebb Tide.
[the final pots to paint]

[soy chai lattes sustain me]

[darling Michaela allowed me to use her kiln!]

[12.25am on Wednesday morning: the painting is DONE!]
 Hello Thursday! Let's visit Mud Colony shall we?!