I started working with ceramics in 2003; I’ve been hooked since day one. I believe in perfecting a skill over a lifetime, preserving traditional techniques and finding space for art in everyday life.

I love mint tea, disney movies, sunshine, seashells, clever people, chocolate biscuits, and I think in quantities of bottles of beer and bags of clay.

I come from a very small place on a very small island. That very small place is called Silverdale, where I first fell in love with ceramics. I spent 4 years working in a paint-your-own-ceramics studio owned by a family of beautiful, talented and inspiring people. They taught me to love good food, they fuelled my desire to travel and made me believe that anything is possible if you work hard enough.

Years of just painting pots made me want to design my own forms. Wheel throwing especially fascinates me; making a beautiful vessel from a lump of mud is brilliant.

Born in Norfolk, England and raised on the Isle of Man in the British Isles, I now live on the Gold Coast, Australia.