Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I finally plucked up the courage to open an etsy store last week! Its a bit scary but very exciting, especially seeing as I sold my first pot yesterday after it being up for just a few hours! Its going all the way to California!

Do visit!
I'm selling some small experimental pieces from this year to see how they go, fingers crossed.

group hug!

group hug!

because I love this shot.


Its nice to get a bit of credit for your work sometimes, especially on a piece that was quite time consuming. One set of pots I made this year have brought me a nice little bit of success.
A lovely far away friend saw this photo on Flickr and asked to buy it which was very nice. Then my teacher asked me to enter it into a local art competition in the Gold Coast show and it won 3rd prize in its class! And then my college celebrated it on their website! And then the Dean of my college commissioned me to make a set for the college collection! Before all of these lovely things happened, a photography student took some wonderful shots of my work including this particular set, one of which was sent to this magazine and was published as part of a ceramics educational survey!

Thats a lot of positive feedback from one little set of pots!

Monday, December 14, 2009

sculpture (nightmare!)

Our last 3 units of the year were sculpture based. They were hard. I've never liked sculpture much as it isn't functional, it just sits there, getting dirty (and I hate cleaning). I shan't show you pictures from the first 2 units as they're a bit terrible, however I am extremely pleased with my final effort of the year. I was inspired by the very clever Wladyslaw Garnik to make forms with very delicate slip trailed panels of clay.

pre firing
lit with a string of mini xmas lights. thanks big w!
more photos to come of this one, hopefully!


Here are just a few photos of the tableware unit...I have a lovely photographer friend editing some much better images for me!

altered forms

Making slip cast and hand thrown forms, then cutting and rejoining them to create unique designs.

term 3 - painting

Our third term saw us completing some painting units. Most students worked with acrylics/oils but I stuck with my ceramics, treating these plates as 'canvases'.

Artist Statement -
This work is loosely inspired by the children’s’ book ‘The Door in the Air’ by Margaret Mahy. For this concept I created some illustrations that I wanted to transfer onto ceramics. The key characters throughout these 3 illustrations are a young trapeze artist and an enchanted prince. For me, the girl in the story represents our desires for freedom, whereas the boy symbolises captivity. The prince needed the circus girl to rescue him; as we all need to be at some time in our lives.

As with much of my work, I was influenced by the style of Gustav Klimt. I have recently been admiring his lithograph designs, as the bold, clear art nouveau lines are simply beautiful. The element in my current work that reflects this is my female characters’ hair; over sized, organic shaped masses of swirling lines.

End of term validation display, including acrylic abstracts, a watercolour landscape, masks inspired by various artists and ceramic canvases.

Third time lucky

Having finished college for the year last week, I'm feeling the need to maintain my creative motivation and I think blogging might just be it. I keep saying to people that there is a list of things I want to do this summer and plan for next year, but I can easily see that falling by the wayside. So here I am, again.
I'll begin with a brief (ish) catch up on the last 6 month's work.

Slip cast stoneware vases with coloured relief work decoration. Clear glaze inside.

Slab built stoneware vase with underglaze and gold lustre decoration.

Slab built stoneware bowl with underglaze and gold lustre decoration.
Slip cast stoneware bowls with underglaze decoration.