Monday, December 14, 2009

term 3 - painting

Our third term saw us completing some painting units. Most students worked with acrylics/oils but I stuck with my ceramics, treating these plates as 'canvases'.

Artist Statement -
This work is loosely inspired by the children’s’ book ‘The Door in the Air’ by Margaret Mahy. For this concept I created some illustrations that I wanted to transfer onto ceramics. The key characters throughout these 3 illustrations are a young trapeze artist and an enchanted prince. For me, the girl in the story represents our desires for freedom, whereas the boy symbolises captivity. The prince needed the circus girl to rescue him; as we all need to be at some time in our lives.

As with much of my work, I was influenced by the style of Gustav Klimt. I have recently been admiring his lithograph designs, as the bold, clear art nouveau lines are simply beautiful. The element in my current work that reflects this is my female characters’ hair; over sized, organic shaped masses of swirling lines.

End of term validation display, including acrylic abstracts, a watercolour landscape, masks inspired by various artists and ceramic canvases.

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