Tuesday, December 31, 2013

plate up.

Dear kiln gods,
Please take care of these dinner plates. I'm quite proud of myself for making them and I so loved painting them - there is so much SPACE for me to paint on! I feel like a child with a whole piece of paper to draw on.
Thank you muchly.


I LOVE this bird's eye view of the kiln. This was Christmas Eve morning. A perfect firing, yay!
I've made a few measuring spoons this year, with the intention of making sets but somehow never got to it. Luckily a friend ordered a full set for her daughter's Christmas present - awesome motivation and I LOVE them. 
[spoon love]

Monday, December 30, 2013


I've only been making and selling pots for 3 years. Sales have always been nicely steady, but I've rarely been approached for custom orders. Since returning to the island however, I've lost count of how many bespoke pieces I've made - it's lovely to see people truly thinking about how to make their gifts extra special. 

This bowl and cup set were commissioned by a friend that set me on this creative path many many years ago. They were a Christmas/wedding gift to her gorgeous partner. Her request was simply: trees and flowers. It didn't take long to develop this design and as I painted I felt SO excited, I was buzzing by the time I'd finished. 

He loved them. YAY!


I spent another happy evening at Noa Bakehouse before Christmas - I'm overwhelmed and grateful for the support this island has shown me.
Thank you x


A clever lady called Ciara asked me if I made little jugs. I said 'I can try!' and I made these and I LOVE THEM. 
They're only little, about 7cm high. Super cute, I think.
Ciara co-owns a magic haberdashery shop on the island called Sweet Ginger Emporium, GO!


This was December...somehow I managed to squeeze some experiments into my Christmas production line - grown up sized dinner plates!

[snuggling next to the fire in the PineWood Studio showroom!]

[walks to shake off a bad mood]

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I've just come home from my first market on the island. I was really nervous, though I knew that was silly - I've done a market in Sydney for goodness sake! 
But it was a lovely evening - I had a sweet spot right by the door, it wasn't too cold and I had a good natter with other local makers.
Some gorgeous online friends came to say hello - Facebook continues to amaze me. Thank you!
Special thanks to our host, Noa Bakehouse (the NICEST eatery on the island, nom nom nom)

Friday, December 06, 2013


This huge wood burner is in the Pinewood Studio showroom. It's lit every Saturday in Winter and I LOVE it. I'll be in my studio all day tomorrow - if you come to visit and can't find me, I'll be curled up next to this beast.


The studio warming party was a roaring success - I'm amazed and thankful that so many people turned out for it! Typically, I didn't take a single photo. But here are some from the week before:
[list making]

[late night glazing]

[100 spoons for the visitors to cut down and take home!]


I'm proud to announce a new stockist: the Manx Museum Shop! They've got a very juicy collection of my work...


Many thanks to Lee Brooks for this write up in today's Manx Independent!
[Click to enlarge and read! 5/12/13, page 21.]

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


2 years ago, my lovely friend Adriana started a wicked clay community blog called Mud Colony. It became a great platform for potters around the world to share work - you've done a top job A. 
This week is our last chance to post on MC before switching over to Facebook - let's run over for a read shall we? The 2 year archive will stay active - thank you Adriana :) x
[view from my wheel this morning]

Monday, December 02, 2013


The online store is OPEN again!