Thursday, March 17, 2011

shiny birds

My first glaze firing in the Gold Coast Potter Assoc. baby kiln (affectionately known as Minnie) was a complete success! Hurrah!
['scuse the dull kiln picture, artificial light]
Folded ramekins with a new feather
Lovely lori cups!
My clear glaze was perfect, despite long months of neglect! The cobalt gloss is gorgeous as ever and I managed to be pedantic enough to remove all traces of cobalt from the outside of the cups. The yellow gloss looks good, but could use some more pigment and I certainly shouldn't be watering it down any more for roll glazing.
I owe a gratitude to the lovely ladies of the GC Potters - everyone is so supportive and helpful as I develop my ceramics practice :)

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  1. Very beautiful! What an excellent firing! Each and every piece looks amazing! I'm excited to see what the next firing will bring! Best,


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