Monday, January 07, 2013


The first studio day of 2013:

[painting at home]
Ebb Tide opens 7 weeks on Saturday. I'm aiming to have 100 pieces to exhibit. I've only made perhaps a quarter of that so far. The kiln (dear Minnie) is having technical issues, so I'll be begging, borrowing and stealing to fire the work later this month.

Both the major processes in this work - the throwing and the painting - are exhausting, but gratifying. The porcelain fuels my perfectionism, the sensitive qualities push me to take greater care in throwing. The illustrations of the Heart Lines/Ebb Tide series reflect my journey over the last 12 months. Whilst I love the designs and feel immensely satisfied when I finish each piece, the emotional energy that I pour into every vessel ('scuse the pun!) leaves me mentally and physically tired - it amazes me that such small pots are taking such time and spirit! Each image is a symbol for me, represents a time, a place, a memory and the stories aren't always happy. I realised this afternoon that with every piece I paint, I'm reliving the stories. I can't tell if that's good or bad.

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  1. Your description sounds cathartic - hopefully healing.


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