Wednesday, April 03, 2013


I finished throwing for Ebb Tide in the third week of January. 3 weeks late, I learnt that I had to pack up and leave Australia. 2 months on, I have been ITCHING to MAKE something. Thankfully, my old training ground, Craftworks Studio, have flung open their doors and found some CLAY for me to mess around with. Naturally, I made spoons (with holes so they can be pendants too!).
HEY it's Thursday (in Australia, still Wednesday evening here), let's go to Mud Colony shall we?! Big big thank you for the sweet farewell wishes from 2 weeks ago! x


  1. welcome back to our virtual studio - one of these days I'll make some spoons I'm happy with.. haven't made any worth firing yet... will you be keeping up the lorikeet feather designs now you are no longer in Oz?

    1. Thanks Anna :) I'm really not sure - I didn't intend to, but it seems that locals are keen for the lori feathers! Funny. I don't think I'll ever get away from those feathers!


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