Saturday, January 11, 2014


January is never a kind month for the northern hemisphere. The media bombards us with messages of 'ugh, it's January', as IF we need reminding that it's a miserable month. After spending this time of year in Australia for 5 or 6 years, I'd happily forgotten the post-Christmas-pre-Spring inherent dreariness. 

I was pretty perky to begin; December was great, the new year is full of potential for my work, I was happy to be back in the studio and making stacks of new pots. But then on Thursday, January smacked me in the face - 'No you may NOT be chirpy this month!'.

So I got grumpy. The relatively mild winter temperatures suddenly seeped into my bones. I missed Australia. I missed my beach. I missed nights so hot that I couldn't sleep. 

But the sun came out again today. I walked around Silverdale Glen under clear blue skies, I had a productive day of throwing and glazing in the studio and I remembered how privileged I am to have this vocation, this passion and to have a gorgeous space in which to pursue my work.

So I got over it.
Problem is, the rain is coming back tomorrow...

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