Thursday, June 24, 2010

my (slow) creative space

I have to admit, I almost forgot about my creative space today. I finished my 2nd term at college last week so without a routine I'm a bit disorganised. In a good way. I can stay in bed longer in the morning and go sit in cafes and read wicked magazines.
I did however do some throwing this afternoon, 2 small short cups and 2 nice tall ones that will become feather mugs.
I'm also experimenting with making porcelain feathers for jewellery. In my previous attempts the stem/quill (?!) bit fell off so I'm being super careful with these ones.
I hope you've been to Kootoyoo's already!


  1. ooo, beautiful! nice to see your creative space!

  2. sleeping in and going to cafes sounds so ideal! then a bit of what you love . . . perfect :)

  3. The porcelain feathers look great, I hope everything goes well this time!

  4. I love the idea of feather jewellery, they'll look gorgeous!

  5. What's sleeping in? I vaguely remember it from my past... LOL... I'm not jealous at all.
    Love the idea of those porcelain feathers for jewellery. I'm seldom allowed to even wash up breakable things so I don't think they'd be good for me but they will be very lovely I'm sure.


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