Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my creative space

The potting and feathering continues.
It makes me happy to see lots of pots together like this.
I want this desk to be FULL by the time I go back to college in 2 weeks.
Apologies for the naff lighting. Its been cloudy for days here in Mermaid Beach. I do not like it! Come back sunshine! Maybe some people at Kootoyoo's have clearer skies than me :)


  1. We have clear skies here but it's absolutely freezing!!! Your work is really beautiful. Good luck with filling the shelf. x

  2. LOVE your big and small square dishes!! Gorgeous!! Good luck filling the bench with pottery.

  3. I really like the way you've placed all those feathers. Good luck!

  4. Still lovin' these..Good luck with the stock up!

  5. Those them, they're really beautiful.


  6. It makes me happy to see it all collected like that too! The more you make in this range the more I love it.

  7. oh those feathers. i want the set.
    our weather is just the pits here....

  8. Hey Katy :)
    's been awhile since the last postie. Hope you are doing great!
    I can see you have been v busy at your creative space. I happened to scroll down to your previous MCS'. I like the idea of porcelain feathers for jewellery...or even just porcelain feathers for decor??
    Anyways, I like your new range... keep up the good work! X

  9. the feathers are divine. i especially love the square dishes. gorgeous work


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