Wednesday, May 04, 2011

my (long awaited!) creative space

Woo! It's only taken me 4 months but hello My Creative Space 2011!
(if you peek back at previous posts you'll see I've been far from uncreative. Just somehow the creative stuff never made it to a Thursday post!)
I'm a bit chuffed with myself for figuring out nesting dishes. Took me a while. Some were too wide, too high, too short, fell off the shelf when I tried to measure them...
Fingers crossed lovely Kirsty has overcome her hosting probs and you'll find heaps and heaps of more creative spaces!


  1. What beautiful nesting bowls. I love the painted feathers on them. I didn't realise they were such a trial and error process. That is what I like about visitng blogs of other crafts. You learn new things everyday.

  2. oh they are lovely! Th feathers have such fab movement to them :)

  3. wow! well done working out the ins and outs. they are lovely!

  4. The are fabulous - did you paint your feathers on?! Enjoying the warm up there! I was in Qld for a wedding last weekend - deliciously warm, too cold here in Canberra!

  5. They are fab. I love hand crafted pottery. It just feels fantastic when you use it. The colours you have used are great!

  6. They are delightful! Great work.


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