Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my (dishy) creative space

Continuing on from last week's creative space, I've been painting bowls to match my new flat dishes.

I've had a few egg-related incidents this last week - one being accidentally stepping on a gecko egg on my studio floor :( I didn't even figure out what it was til 5 hours later and I was devastated! But the lady mother gecko living in the apartment must have returned, as I found this one in almost the same place on the floor of the studio yesterday! So tiny! (though yes, I KNOW, they are considered pests. Hush.)
More creative spaces over here and a new weekly meeting place for clay folk over here.


  1. Wow, your painted feather bowls are gorgeous! And I would have been sad to step on the sweet egg too, LOL.

  2. What a perfect little tiny egg! Even if it is a gekko egg, but then again every animal has its place in the universe and they have a function to fill in our biodiversity. I'm just a tad bit scared of anything lizardy. Eep.

    And your bowls are gorgeous! Love how you've painted a little egg inside.

  3. These are just so beautiful!


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