Wednesday, November 02, 2011

my (home work) creative space

If you don't already know, I grew up on the Isle of Man. It's an odd, tiny place. I spent most of my childhood playing in a national glen called Silverdale - my family has strong links to it, as my Grandfather owned much of the land from the 1930s - 60s. Over the years it has become affectionately known as 'The Children's Glen', with a boating lake, playgrounds, water driven carousel and ice cream shop, as well as the beautiful woodland walks along the Silverburn river. I think Silverdale is magic. Of all my childhood memories, the strongest are of Silverdale. Leaving it 4 years ago to travel was heart wrenching - as much as I love Australia and intend to stay here, I still feel that pull back to the glen. For various reasons, I've been thinking about home more than usual recently and it's crept into my sketchbook - and of course onto my pots.
This brainstorming is probably highly self indulgent, an expression of my homesickness, and likely won't progress much further than these experiments.

Using teeny pinch pots to test colours
Bluebells grown in abundance, as do daffodils at Spring time.
One of the key motifs I used was a sun, though it certainly rains more than anything else in that part of the world.

All of these pots are Southern Ice porcelain, so I will leave the exterior unglazed.
[goodness me, look at all that writing!]

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  1. I adore your pinch pots. Silverdale sounds absolutely magical, it must be hard being so far away.

  2. Hi Katy,
    Thank you for sharing your creative process. Love your designs, Bluebells –my favourite! It’s interesting that being homesick hugely influenced my designs as well, and I see it quite often in other peoples work too, we tend to turn back into our memories and go back to happy times when we are missing something sweet in present days.

  3. they are looking pretty gorgeous. hope they are helping with the home sick feeling.

  4. Silverdale sounds so lovely I'm not surprised you feel a bit of a tug. Hopefully you'll be able to visit again soon. Love your pot designs - as vivid as your memories. : )

  5. Your ceramics are so beautiful, and it looks like you have put a lot of work into each and everyone of them!

  6. love your new designs, so simple and so sweet! I'm really enjoying seeing your work, new things emerge as you are inspired from something from the past or the present. Great job :-)


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