Wednesday, February 15, 2012

porcelain cups

I've thrown (pun not intentional...) myself into making cups in Southern Ice porcelain. 27 (plus other stoneware pieces) over 2 days, then a day of trimming - I'm fairly impressed with myself!

However, I've lost so much skin off my fingers, it hurts to type!

The plan is paint the cups with more patterns from my homesickness sketchbook doodlings.

Thursday: Our Creative Spaces + Mud Colony


  1. Love the simpilicity and clean lines of these. Am heading over to your etsy shop right now to have a look around.

  2. Do like the illustration - like a wee school of blue bottles. I do hope you fingers recover soon.

  3. Very appealing but they do sound painful to make!

  4. beautiful! Not so lovely that your fingers are so sore though! be gentle on yourself :o) xkate

  5. love these cups! and give you sympathy for wounded fingers :) you must visit my blog at Mud Colony, I was just writing about what influences our work and lo and behold you have 'homesickness sketch book doodlings'!

  6. i love the homesickness sketch book doodlings....i to had those for a few years and found it really important to document...not sure if it was that and / or time that healed....i still have home sickness your the simplicity

  7. Ouch! Hope your fingers get better soon. At least it was worth the pain as the example that you showed is beautiful. Love that the design is not fussy and totlly compliments the shape of the cup.

  8. They are gorgeous! such a shame that you have to suffer for your art : / ...hope your fingers heal quickly.

  9. Hey Kathryn, love your work....those cups look lovely and serene sitting there. Who would've thought it was so hard on your hands!!

    Must be fun deciding what to decorate them with.

    have had a lovely wander through your etsy shop, love the lorikeet feathers.
    I used to live on the Gold Coast and remember what a storm those birds would kick up int he morning, no chance of a sleep in!!

    Claire :}

  10. Absolutely awesome! :)
    It's exciting to see how sketches turn to life.


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