Wednesday, February 08, 2012


It's difficult to pinpoint where the spoons first crossed my radar. It must be nearly 6 months now, that I've been aware of the seemingly increasing trend in ceramic spoons. I admired them, coveted them, but didn't want to make my own; don't be a copycat, I told myself. But I kept seeing them, finding them more and more lovely. Suddenly I thought: no one can copyright a spoon and my skills are relatively fledgling, no one will notice or mind if I make a few.
 So I sketched.
And I made.
[spoons cut from thin slab of clay and hand pinched into shape]

 I love.

However; I have no idea if they will hold their form during firing to 1270c? Are they small enough to evade slumping? I will certainly only glaze the top sides just in case...

[one other small motivation to this - perhaps if I put spoons in my bowls, unimaginative people will stop asking me 'what would I do with this bowl...?']

Thursday: Our Creative Spaces + Mud Colony.


  1. They are beautiful. Hope they hold their shape for you.

  2. WOW they are so awesome !!!

  3. great work! had to check your shop immediately! The decorated mugs are beautiful!!!

  4. Hey Katy, great post !Thanks for all the photos ,and sharing your ticking brain process !! Love the baby teeney weeney spoons...

  5. I'm like you I've always wanted to make spoons, and I did make two soup spoons but they were thick and the handle wasn't long enough and I couldn't figure out how to glaze both sides so I put them on the back burner. I love how you've shown your process in your sketch book and then how you are making them your own with your feathers. Great work and spoons.


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