Sunday, May 27, 2012

kris coad studio visit

This post is embarrassingly belated. Not only did I only begin to type this in February, I have left it to MAY to finally publish it. I can't give you a good reason as to why. So here it is!

During my Christmastime visit to Melbourne, I was fortunate enough to meet the astonishingly talented still life artist, Anita Mertzlin, who in turn is good friends with Melbourne ceramicist Kris Coad and arranged a studio visit for me. Cue fan girl moment.

I read about Kris' work in early 2011 in The Journal of Australian Ceramics. Her striking wheel thrown porcelain tableware instantly fascinated me and in March 2011 I was drooling over her Craft Victoria studio visit photos. Need I explain how downright excited I was at the prospect of meeting Kris myself and visiting her studio?

I was in fact, so overcome with awe and excitement, that I could barely string a sentence together. Poor Kris must have wondered what kind of crazy clay junkie she had let into her workspace!

Gasworks Art Park

I feel so honoured to have been given a sneak peak into Kris' work space - I only hope that next time I meet her I will remember to say something comprehensible!

[Massive thanks to Annie, Kris, Sally and Kerry!]

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