Wednesday, May 30, 2012

miro feathers.

Last week I posted these photos on Facebook and I am blown away with the positive response. I'm not sure if it's the designs themselves, or the jump into a new style that has caught everyone's attention. Either way, it got me thinking and I returned to some sketchbook work that I started before Christmas - pulling apart the colour sections in my feather designs and simplifying them.

[miro feathers?]

I think I like you?

Thursday = Mud Colony!


  1. ooh i do! they're very cool :D

  2. love these stylised versions!!

  3. Yes I like them, they have a freshness about them

  4. I feel a bit like Carol Brady waving to my family !!
    Hi girls up there !!
    Really lovely work Katy you have any special
    brushes that you LOVE? DO you use them for ceramic work as well??


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