Thursday, November 22, 2012

clare twomey

In January 2011 I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I spent an afternoon in the ceramic galleries, gawking at the greatest and most comprehensive collection of ceramics in the world.
One of the (many) pieces that left an impression on me; the remnants of 'Trophy' by Clare Twomey, an installation from 2006. 4000 small birds were made from Wedgewood's Jasper Blue to be displayed throughout the museum; within five hours of opening, the public had stolen each one of the birds that made up the collection; although they were not formally invited to take the birds home, many followed the behaviour of others in the space.


18 months after that trip to London, I had the pleasure of listening to Clare speak at Subversive Clay in Adelaide. An articulate and well versed speaker, her keynote speech was certainly a highlight of the conference.

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