Monday, November 12, 2012

eveleigh artisans' market | S Y D N E Y !

What to say about Sydney? We had a ball. My cheeks ached from smiling and my throat was sore from talking, gasping and laughing. Eveleigh Artisans' Market was magic. Huge thank you to my support crew, Nadia, Judith + Stefan and congratulations to The Australian Ceramics Association for organising such a marvellous day.
[Nadia and I were SO EXCITED!]

[the gorgeous Niharika Nukku - photo Vicki Grima]

[photo Niharika Nukku]

[photo Niharika Nukku]

[Elisa Bartels proves that alcohol tastes better from ceramic vessels!]

[Ashley Fiona's GORGEOUS pourers!]

[And the gorgeous lady herself! Young ceramicists unite!]

[demo pieces]

[the great spoon swap with Vicki Grima!]


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