Friday, April 23, 2010


All the test feather pots survived the bisque firing just fine. No compression or joining cracks to be seen (yet).

I mixed up some new yellow glaze today, fingers crossed its the shade I want.
The green pots look fab unfired, I hope the colours don't change too dramatically. My scientific side is telling me the chrome green glaze is mighty strong though...This grey colour will be cobalt blue, like this casserole dish.
Michaela let me run a glaze firing this afternoon, so I'll see everything next Wednesday. I'm praying that everything works out so I can get straight into producing this new range of work! I think I need to build a kiln god shrine somewhere in the workshop...


  1. a kiln god shrine - that's where I have been going wrong!

    Everything looks fab...fingers crossed for the glaze firing :-)

  2. these pots are gorgeous, nothing beats that feeling of opening a kiln after a glaze firing, better than xmas I reckon, can't wait to see your results

  3. They look beautiful Katy! Nice work.

  4. Well, being atheist, I don't do praying, but I will certainly cross my fingers! The pots look beautiful and wonderful...


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