Wednesday, April 28, 2010

test feathers

The test feather pots were successful enough to give me some idea of what combination of colours/techniques to use.

Painted black detail looks good unglazedThis feather is awesome. One of my favourites for sure.Sadly the chrome glaze is very very very dark, as I suspected.
Scraffito detail is a bit too discreet. And is only almost effective unglazed. Cobalt glaze is still brilliant.
Underglaze pencil detail looks good unglazed and looks nice and, well, feathery!Sadly the pencil blurs and fades a little under the clear glaze. However my yellow glaze worked out great. I foolishly tested it on a porcelain pot as well, oh my, does it look good. I'm not even going to show it to you because you'd never love my stoneware ever again!
Small plates look super cute with a curved feather.I'm leaning towards feathers with painted black detail with blue and yellow glazed interiors, and clear gloss glaze outside. I added a few decals this morning but they won't be fired til next week.

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