Thursday, April 01, 2010

my (adventuring) creative space

Today was the last day of this term for us, so our wonderful teacher took us to visit a potter friend of her's up in the mountains, at Beechmont. Peter Wallace has been potting since forever it would seem, making the most amazing large scale pots with crystalline glazes.
We were lucky enough to watch him make some pots...
His tools are massive! Those calipers are 4 times the size of ours!
He throws his large pots in 2 halvesTo speed up the process (and mainly through, as he admitted, impatience) he uses a gas torch to dry the clay to a firm consistency to join sections.This brings a whole new meaning to 'smoking pot'...!Joining the 2 halvesMaking the neck of the pot

Seconds in the garden
Attaching the neckWith the assistance of his most adorable 'white dog'
It was amazing to watch Peter work and I learnt so much! Our work was validated yesterday, with many positive comments, so I'm now celebrating that, and Easter, with pink champagne. Enjoy the long weekend and visit Kootoyoo to see more creative lovelyness!


  1. wow, that would have been so fascinating to watch! love that photo of the seconds in the garden too.

  2. Great post - I love seeing other creative processes!


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