Wednesday, March 31, 2010

forgive me

For the following rant.
(I'd like to see them do that)
I wasn't going to write a post on this subject, as I'd rather not dwell on the disappointments in my work, but I did start this blog as a diary to document the ups and downs of my learning experience/early career. I learnt today that the sales I made after the very successful evaluation last week were frowned upon by other members of staff. The particular individual is a relatively new employee, and so hasn't seen us progress from the beginning of our course, 14 months ago. She hasn't shown any interest whatsoever in our work, unlike most of the other staff, who regularly enquire about our projects. She doesn't understand how much work went into those pieces I sold. She thinks I was rude whilst negotiating a final price. If she knew how many hours of work went into making a piece like a teapot, she would see why you need to be confident in selling your work; if you allow yourself to be walked over and settle for a low price, you don't cover your costs or time, which makes earning a living near impossible.

Needless to say, I'm disgruntled.

Fortunately my buyers came to my defence; they understand why I spoke about my work in the way I did. It is not arrogance, just a secure knowledge of the value of my work.

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  1. Katy, you have some serious talents here. As for that woman you are referring..just proved that she doesn't know how to appreciate your art. We bound to meet this sort of people. So don't have to take it too personal. Good on you on standing up for yourself and your hardwork masterpieces. That is the reason why I don't negotiate or ask for discount when am shopping at any handmade market.


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