Thursday, March 25, 2010

my (super happy) creative space

Ah today has been a mighty good day. We had a group evaluation this morning for our teapots, including students from another class and their teacher, as well as the dean of the college (who we only see for assessments like this). I was super nervous and very frustrated because one of my lovely teapots had its lid stuck (see the bottom of this post) so I was one piece of work down. My classmate was in the same position but she managed to loosen her's minutes before we began the assessment. We also had to price our work for feedback which as any of you makers will know can be a bit stressful. As it turns out I had no need to worry - the dean walked in, declared the work to be beautiful and demanded to buy some of it immediately for the college collection! So as well as gaining a lot of interesting constructive criticism from my teachers and class mates, I scored $300 for the teapot below ($145), the Pagoda casserole dish ($85) and the smallest dish of this set ($70). HURRAH!
Pagoda Teapot - this one looks good AND pours well, hurrah!
Carved with a lino cutting toolWhite Willow Bird Teapot - looks great, pours badlyCobalt Glaze inside
This is the troublesome sticky lidded teapot, which both my teacher and myself managed to snap the handle of. Team work.

More lovely creative types all the way over here.


  1. Beautiful work & how enormously satisfying to be so well rewarded.

  2. The white willow bird teapot is simply gorgeous. Congratulations on the amazing feedback.

  3. oh my I LOVE your work sooooo much

  4. What a shame - I love the last teapot - so sad it broke :-(

  5. Really love the Pagoda teapot! Didn't know the lino tools can create such a beautiful pattern!! :)


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