Friday, March 26, 2010

handbuilt forms using advanced techniques

I started this unit a couple of weeks ago but was still so wrapped up in my tableware that I forgot to write about my progress. The brief for this project was pretty much "do whatever you like" because handbuilding can include any technique and could be functional and/or sculptural. That would ordinarily daunt me, but I knew instantly I wanted to do more wheel throwing (I sure do need the practice) and whilst researching found a suggestion to look towards nature for unusual constructions made from a repeated form. That made me delve into my beach combing jar (have I mentioned I live 2 minutes from Mermaid Beach?) to find this treasure...
Excuse the poor quality photo, it is a very small piece of coral
Which then inspired me to make something vaguely (emphasis on the vaguely) similar with wheelthrown cylinders. Thats 4 hours work up there. Cylinders are very very difficult. Not quite as hard as a teapot spout, but still super tricky.Arranged in order of height
Then cut in a wave like form, much like the coral grows.
Coloured with bright underglazes as a nod to those beautiful tube corals in the reefs. I really hope nothing cracks apart during the firing...!


  1. WOW - looks fab. I remember many frustrated days attempting the cylinder ... yours look great. Love the coral interpretation

    PS - good luck with the firing


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