Monday, August 30, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

A few weeks ago, after reading this post, the clever Erin Lykos (I heart her pots) invited me to join this amazing international art collection; The Sketchbook Project. Hosted by The Brooklyn Art Library, thousands of sketchbooks will tour the US (quote "like a concert tour but with sketchbooks") then become part of the library's permanent collection and be available for the general public to browse through. Each book has a bar code, so the original owners can track who looks through the sketchbook, when and where! How awesome is that?! It takes just $25 USD to become part of this monumentous art project. Guess what my subject matter will be?!
Inside front cover (yes, I will do something with that) & page 1
Page 2 & 3

My plan is to paint and scan a double page every week to publish here...I have until Saturday 15th January 2011 to fill it...can I do it?!


  1. Awesome! I was thinking of doing the same (posting as I go). Can't wait to watch yours evolve. So much fun!

  2. lovely drawings. :) can not wait to see your progress.


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