Friday, September 03, 2010

2 piece

I made my very first 2 part plaster mold today! I'm (hopefully) going to make a small series of simple bird (well, rainbow lorikeet. Can you say tunnel vision?!) forms.
2 clay models half buried in clay to make the first half of the mold
Cottle boards up to hold the plaster
Clamps to keep the whole thing together
And my finished 2 piece mold!
The slip channel makes them look very strange, they will have normal shaped heads in the end...


  1. oohhhh very interesting!! I'm looking forward to seeing just how the bird turn out.

  2. Wow, the creating of something that will end up being so beautiful is all very industrial, isn't it! I would ordinarily run a mile from those massive clamps, but they seem to have done the trick!! x

  3. Oh looks very interesting! Waiting to see some more :-)


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