Saturday, September 11, 2010

bird brains

Friday was a nice quiet day to tidy up and paint my slip cast birdies. Half of the other students arrived late and other half didn't turn up at all, so peace and quiet reigned for all of, oh, an hour and a half?! As my lorikeets are so small and narrow, I've been having difficulty in pouring the slip into the molds (it's quite thick and tricky to get into small spaces) so some of them have hollow heads. So I have been filling the hole at the top of their heads and piercing 2 smaller holes either side of their head, to be conveniently disguised as eyes!
I've also pierced 2 holes where their legs would be. The plan is, once they are fired, to glue some wire in the holes then wrap it around the branches to hold the birds in place.
See my precarious demonstration of how they will sit?! Bad ceramic student, holding greenware by the narrowest point.

Ceramic paints, bird, bird, bird, bird, bird, bird, bird, bird, bird, brushes, potter's knife, dark chocolate tim tam, laptop to reference, oh, about 100 photos of lorikeets?!

So many happy looking birds! I must say thank you to everyone who left a comment on My Creative Space this week, I have never received so many quality, supportive and interested comments! You made my day!


  1. I just love birds. These are fabulous! x

  2. They are looking excellent!! Can definitely see them sitting all together on a branch, so cute :)


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