Thursday, September 23, 2010

new(ish) space

The wheel has migrated to the study. I like to be able to close a door on my work and forget about it for a while. Even as a kid, I hated keeping my school books in my bedroom! So I've donated one desk to Salvos, adopted a shelving unit from some friends and moved the office stuff onto the dining room table (much easier to tidy up when we need to eat) so that I can totally dedicate that room to pots. I can't begin tell you how considerate my bloke is!
Yesterday I attempted some cups. None of them are the same size and 2 are very uncentred. Hopefully it won't be too noticable once they're folded...! This bag of clay is very firm and so quite challenging, but I need to persevere with it. I hate wasting clay.
My stamp is falling apart! I have to scratch in the 'M' now. Must make new one, must make new one, must make new one...

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