Saturday, August 31, 2013


One of my many 'day jobs' on the island is at a gorgeous fair trade shop in the most northern town - Shakti Man in Ramsey. I'm helping to set up a website and online store - the project is snowballing on every level, but it's the best team to be working with. I live in the south of the island; on my way home from Shakti last night, I popped in to see the studio progress (useful fact: one of my Shakti colleagues, Maree, is co-owner of PineWood Studio) and found Spud perched at the top of a ladder, replacing some roof slates! 
There is also GLASS in the window and door - double glazed too! The studio is south facing, so hopefully I will get a good amount of natural light every day - assuming of course that it isn't too cloudy...which happens a lot on this wee island...hmm.
Let's go to Mud Colony!

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  1. This looks like a charming space. I hope you will give us lots of photos when you get set up.


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