Saturday, August 17, 2013

t h r o w.

I've been anxious about wheel throwing. I finished throwing for Ebb Tide back in January, received notice to leave Australia in February and flew out in March. 7 months have passed now. Finally, yesterday morning, I visited Faye Christian's studio and made some pots.

I felt sick with nerves as I drove to her studio. But I did it - I can still throw.
Valentine Clays in Stoke-on-Trent have kindly sent me some free samples of white stoneware to test - I was happy with Walker's PB103 in Australia and I want too find a British equivalent.
I immediately disqualified the first clay as it has a fine grit - I can't abide throwing with a rough clay of any kind! The second and third clays were wonderful, both have potential and I am yet to test the fourth, a porcelain stoneware, however after checking the prices I am fairly sure that I will have to choose the second or third blend, as they are far better suited to my budget as a young potter.

Adriana shared a cute list this week via Pip Lincolne - let's give it a go.
Taking stock:

Making: POTS for the first time in 7 months. *clicks heels*
Cooking: beetroot for salads!
Drinking: buckets of cider (hello summer!)
Reading: About a Boy
Wanting: a sneaky off-island trip
Looking: for cool culture on this island
Playing: Radio 6 Music
Wasting: too much time missing Australia
Sewing: not a thing!
Wishing: for the summer to last forever
Enjoying: rediscovering my beautiful island
Waiting: for my new studio to be ready
Liking: working totally 3 different jobs across the island
Wondering: how long pots will take to dry in this climate
Loving: Dalahästs!
Hoping: that my studio won't be too cold in winter
Marvelling: at how many brilliant friends I have here at home
Needing: to invest in warm winter clothes!
Smelling: roast sweet potato
Wearing: a wicked new necklace from Melbourne
Following: the OSCAS weekend in Australia - wish I was there!
Noticing: the sun setting earlier
Knowing: that I'm burning the candle at both ends
Thinking: it will be great to make more pots again SOON!
Feeling: excited to buy a brand new shiny wheel and my very first kiln
Bookmarking: clay events happening in the UK soon
Opening: too many bars of chocolate
Giggling: with Adriana like I never left Oz.

Mud Colony! x


  1. Lovely post Ms Katy, ADORE yr taking 'stock list' *giggles* x

  2. Hi Kathryn, I'm interested to know which clay you choose. I'm using their porcelain/stoneware at the moment.


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