Thursday, February 11, 2010

my creative space

Hurrah! I've missed doing my creative space. Its good to be back. I'm super pleased with myself today, having made 5 biggish (big on the Katy Scale) pots today, 3 x 500g, 1 x 550g and 1 x 750g (that was a tricky one). These are the beginnings of experiments for nestling tableware. I'll be chopping and reattaching bits of these tomorrow to make them more interesting.

Go see Kirsty to find more lovely spaces!


  1. I had to have a bit of a wander through your blog to find out what you meant by 'chopping and reattatching bits'. Your work is fantastic. Really beautiful. Nice to come accross a ceramic creative space too.

  2. Now my turn to be jealous of your work! It all looks so lovely; I can’t wait to see what they evolve into. I would love to have an opportunity to work in ceramics and clay. I have done some clay sculpture and threw one very wobbly vase as a teenager! One day (when I get over my current jewellery kick!).


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