Thursday, May 06, 2010

my (productive) creative space

I wasn't going to post for my creative space today, as I've been in a foul mood with my work for the last week. My throwing has been awful due to a bag of over firm clay (and, you know, my still-learning-hands). I cracked open a fresh bag today and can't believe how much easier life is with soft clay!I made 10 plates in about 3 hours! Hurrah!
They're even similar in size. I should really add that plates are maybe the easiest thing to make on the wheel, due to the low height. Nevertheless, I'm pleased! More nice creative types can be found at Kirsty's today!


  1. looking v neat, Katy! Looking forward to seeing what you going to do with them! :)

  2. That is so impressive!!! That look like they are professionally made!

  3. Oh beautiful! I wish I had been better at ceramics *sigh*

  4. from someone who has never use a ceramic wheel and has no idea how anyone could make things look so good using one, they do not look simple or easy at all so well done!


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