Monday, May 03, 2010


The problem with increasing production seems to be almost equally increasing mistakes. For every decent pot I make, I screw another one up. So far today I've got 5 good (ish) pots, but 5 lumps that I'll have to rewedge and recycle. Messing so many pots up annoys me and makes me want to run away from the wheel. But I need to practice to improve my skills, even if practicing means making a lot of pots that don't make the cut.
This body of work is frustrating me; I created this awesome brief for myself, yet I can't find the damn motivation to get on with it. With no solid boundaries supplied by my college teacher, I have no one poking me telling me to hurry up and make more pots. I know I want to make about 20 pieces of each form, make them look amazing, set up a stall at a local arts market and (please please please) maybe break even! I've known for an awful long time that I want to work for myself and now that I have the opportunity to get the ball rolling, my inner sloth is reigning supreme. Well maybe it isn't a sloth, more of a chicken. Cos I'm scared that I won't get better, I won't stop screwing up pots, that no one will buy my pots and that I'll have to give up and get a "real" job.
I keep asking myself WHY I want to do this. I know why, I just get distracted. I want to be a potter (or ceramicist or artist or craftsperson or whatever title I might decide on) because I love it. Simple.

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