Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It is absolutely Autumn. I had hopes for an Indian Summer, but gale force winds and rain have blown in.
I'm snuggled up in a tiny cottage in the north of the island this week, cat-sitting for a friend. I might complain about the colder temps, but it sure is nice to light the wood burner!

I've been spending days messing about with my website, PayPal, Big Cartel and html in an attempt to create an online store that I'm genuinely happy with. It hasn't worked. I don't have enough coding knowledge, I don't have room in my 'start up' budget to pay a programmer and frankly I need to prioritise MAKING as soon as I get access to the new studio.

So, after running in circles I've decided to settle with Etsy for the short term. I like a lot of Etsy features, especially the ease and speed with which products can be listed. It concerns me that there is a lot of low quality products available on the platform, but I'm reassured that there are 'big' names still using Etsy; Rae Dunn, Whitney Smith and Linda Fahey to name a few.
Give me a week or so and I should have it up and running nicely. I have to say, it's great to be dealing with more affordable postage rates!! Take note Australia Post...
These earthenware spoons came out of the Craftworks kiln over the weekend - I'm rather in love with them! Especially the stumpy fat on on the left hand side. They'll go into the online store too.

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  1. You paint a gorgeous picture Katy !! ADORE the spoons, esp the Swedish influence ! AND YES !! Aust Post grrrr


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