Sunday, September 22, 2013


The immediate consolation of leaving Australia in March was: I have enough time to set up a new studio and make a new collection in time for Christmas. 
It took me 2 and half months to find that studio.
As with all reburb projects, it is taking longer than anyone expected.
I'm watching the days slipping by and worry is building in my mind.
When will I actually move in? Will it happen?
What if the test glazes don't fit the clays?
Will I spend months finding a good match?
What if the kiln isn't as easy to fire as everyone says it is?
Will I have time to make enough stock for Christmas, for shops and markets and a studio sale? That seems increasingly unlikely. 
[Yeah, yeah, I know, I can't control everything.]
I didn't want to come home, but I've embraced it and I've worked hard to create a happy existence on the island. I admit, I'm ambitious: at the beginning of 2013, before I knew I had to leave Australia, I had big plans and I knew that I could fulfil them. But somehow, maybe the 'traa dy liaoor' mindset of this funny little piece of land, every goal I've set myself since coming home has been consistently reduced to something average. 
In Australia, there was ample space to grow. Here, I can't quite tell. 
I've seen it in the flight of birds IV - 2013

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  1. Sending more love and hugs than will EVER fit into a POST IT bag x


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