Saturday, October 26, 2013

made in man.

Painting has always been my favourite part of the making process. I've been painting pots for ten years, way before I learnt to throw. I have a penchant for ridiculously small details. (I think that comes from years of painting fairy eyelashes.) 
The first collection in the new studio; an extension of Silverdale Dreams. I designed a stoneware collection in December of last year (!) with the intention of making it from March 2013, but I had to leave Australia! I've been thinking about this new work every day since then and as much as I've been impatient to make, this waiting period has been perfect - the designs have evolved, moving much closer to what I really want them to represent.

It surprises me to say this, but I am genuinely proud to be making at home on the island. I couldn't escape this rock fast enough when I first moved to Australia as an 18 year old. Six years later, after an initial resistance to returning home, I am HAPPY to be here and especially thrilled to bring my skills and experience back with me. With this in mind, I ordered a stamp to print the shape of the island on the bottom of my pots. I rather love it.

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