Saturday, October 26, 2013

studio / love.

Have I mentioned that I love the studio?
Spud pops in to see how I'm doing. Maree brought me a rug and an electric heater on Tuesday morning, bless her. I'm extra cosy now.
I feel warm and safe as the rain pelts and the wind blows. Autumn's sweetness has passed now I think. Gale force wind and heavy rain fills the forecast and winter will quickly follow. My instinct is to grumble, but when I think of the new studio, I stop. I can snuggle up in there and fill the winter with pots.
I travel from home to the studio, south to north, up the island. The drive is beautiful, valleys, hills, woods, rivers. I take my breakfast with me.
The yard is peaceful. There are occasional barks and whines from the dogs. Sometimes a whinny from the horse. A cockerel crow from the neighbouring farm. The bandsaw in the wood workshop.

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  1. I can't help but think you could transfer your breakfast into a handmade bowl! :)


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