Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ta dah!

My wheel and kiln were delivered yesterday. Spud (studio landlord) called me after the courier drop and I immediately LEAPT into the car and whizzed up to unpack them. 
For some reason I was surprised to see them both in boxes? How else did I think they would arrive?!
What I thought would be a two hour job was more like four. Partly my own fault; I was so overexcited that I just couldn't focus on reading the instructions! I even forgot to eat lunch and I NEVER miss a meal. 
At first I thought the wheel was broken, but it is actually just SILENT! I mean, yes, it's called a Whisper T, but I didn't really believe that it would be this quiet...
The kiln needs to be wired in yet (single phase electricity), but hopefully that will be done within a week and I can begin test firings!
The unpacking process was so exciting yet nerve wrecking, I was exhausted and I didn't even do any of the heavy lifting!!
I'm itching to get MYSELF in there. Soon, soon...
Big thank yous to Spud, Alan and Leslie for their man help. 
[the wheel! (and fancy stool)]

[I was so tempted to jump inside the kiln box.]

[ "is it level?" ]

[250kg of clay. Yes, really.]


[ooooh so shiny.]



  1. That's very exciting. The Whisper wheels are so sweet in so many ways, the quiet is just one of them. You're going to love it.

  2. I love the rustic interior and exterior. It just seems "right" for pottery.


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