Saturday, October 26, 2013

p b

I've made 40 pots this week. That isn't much at all to proper grown up potters, but it's a HEAP to me, especially as I'm 9 months out of practice (with the exception of the teeny test pots I made at Faye's studio, the last pots I made were for Ebb Tide!). 
I made these 10 cups in 2 hours last night and 10 bowls in the same time tonight - this is a new personal best. (Typing that, I remember listening to a Ben Carter podcast this week that referred to throwing as a sport, quite rightly so.) Before, it was 4 an hour or 8 in two hours. I don't know why I've sped up without practice?! But I appreciate it. Maybe it's my instinct to 'catch up' with this lost time. Maybe because I know I have a Christmas order to fill and I want a good selection of work to sell at my studio warming party next month. Whatever the reason, I love that I have lots of potential to streamline my practice.

But ouch, does my body ache. Must find yoga mat.

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