Monday, July 23, 2012


I've been thinking about teapots for a while. I haven't made any since March 2010 when I was still in college; the unpleasant challenge to my untrained hands has lingered on and I've procrastinated any new attempts. However, we're organising a little group show at Clay Art Benowa this Spring under the theme of Mad Hatters' Tea Party and if ever there was a reason to take up the teapot gauntlet, this is it.

 After 4 days of research, sketches and internal conflict, I threw some teapot components today. 

[there are 4 spouts, but the last one is so awful that I can't possible show you.]

I haven't thrown any galleries (potters will know what I mean, forgive me for not explaining further my dear muggles) with the intention of simplifying the whole process...but I could just be making bad teapots.


  1. I have never made a teapot and I have thrown the grand total of two lidded vessels in my time. I should get back on the wheel but it just seems like too much effort. So I will live vicariously through you instead. That is one of the great joys of blogging and ceramic friendships. Your spouts reminded me of the time I threw lots of practice spouts and ended up spending my time at the wheel closing the spouts and making objects that looked like horns. Making the spouts sent me off on a ceramic daydream about an installation of closed horn like forms that I am still thinking about today.
    Thank you for showing me this, I am really excited about seeing the finished teapot :)


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