Saturday, July 14, 2012

tools of the trade

A few weeks ago Adriana asked me if I have favourite paintbrushes or tools and I certainly do!
[tools of the trade]

From front to back:
- A synthetic liner brush, know to me as a 'rigger', that I use for all of my fine line designs (no idea of the brush company)
- A squirrel hair 'sumi' brush made by Silver Falcon, for the colour sections of my designs. It's also very nice when playing with watercolours on paper!

Both of these brushes were acquired whilst working for the fabulous Whiteman family at Craftworks Studio on the Isle of Man - my treasured training ground. I probably started using these brushes 7 years ago!

The sgraffito tool in the photo was 'adopted' (ahem) at some point during my college course. I've used various ones over the years, but this one is the finest and sharpest; therefore very precise. If my painting gets sloppy (yes, that does happen!), I'll tidy up the lines with this tool.

I also have a set of Silver Falcon Onyx Taklon brushes that get occasional use.

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  1. Hey SNAP. They are my fav tools too, add a metal kidney and its complete..well ,then there's the cake,cup of tea....


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