Thursday, July 19, 2012


Way back in February I signed up for Diana Fayt's first e-course, The Clay: Surfacing. At the time I thought 'Sure, I have time to keep up with this every week', but of course, I didn't (for good reasons of course!). Thankfully Diana graciously designed the course so it would be available for us to drop into when we could (I say we, there were well over 100 of us that signed up from all around the world!) and even extended the video viewing time by an extra month than we expected. Diana in her own right is an inspiring ceramic artist; her combinations of form, colour and pattern always excite me (I highly recommend following her on Instagram!). The course was thoughtful, insightful and overflowing with a wealth of information. I am only now, 6 months on, allowing myself the time to try my hand at the technique that most caught my attention; carved printing blocks.
[paper tests]
I gave myself the afternoon to play and shake out some of the ideas that have been floating around my brain!

[work space]

Ah, I loved it. Diana said the printing blocks would be addictive and she was right!

[I need to refine my heart design as a silhouette]

 I love that this is a quicker way to apply an image, but each application will be completely individual.

Thank goodness for odd wobbly cups hiding on bottom shelves (do we all save them for moments like this?)
I also carved myself a feather shape. I don't know if I can apply the correct amount of colour to equal the brightness of the hand painted designs, but I'm very keen to get these samples fired to see if I can refine my lorikeet feather range somewhat. 
I love the lorikeet feathers still, as do my stockists and customers it seems, but they are very labour intensive and if I can reduce the time-per-piece then I hope I can sustain this range a little longer before they drive me crazy!

Thursday = Mud Colony! Wishing love and luck to Adriana this weekend as she participates in her very first trade show, Design:Made:Trade in Melbourne! Wish wish wish I could visit!

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  1. Love your stamps..especially the skull! I enjoyed Diana's class too!


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