Friday, July 27, 2012

travel treasures: algis bubnys

It's been over 2 months since I landed back in Australia after my travels along the north west coast of Canada and the US, yet I still haven't shared all of my travel treasures with you. I found this sweet little cup at Pyromania Pottery after exploring The Old Country Market at Coombs, BC (aka Goats on the Roof!). I wondered through the store and this was the first piece that I wanted to pick up. After a minute of my inspecting it, the kindly gentleman at the counter asked if I was a potter. Why yes, I say, how do you know? I can tell by the way you're holding that cup, says he. 
As it would turn out, this insightful shopkeeper was the maker of this lovely cup. That gave me a second reason to bring it home with me.
The name of this potter is Algis Bubnys - doesn't that just sound magical?
Look at those glaze drips!

Only this week I've realised that this cup is the perfect size for a small but rich serving of hot chocolate (I highly recommend Land O Lakes cocoa mixes with almond milk!)

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