Wednesday, October 10, 2012

home time

It was a LONG day, sustained only with tea, lemon biscuits and M&Ms...we were exhausted when we arrived at Adriana's home in Croyden on Monday evening! Before a scrumptious dinner, Adriana gave me a speedy tour of her home studio.
[I have a thing for inspiration walls.]

[this is where the magic happens!]
It was bitterly cold by that time, so we whizzed through her studio and kiln room quickly, hence I only took 2 photos...!
[it's me and Adriana! We *happened* to visit Craft Victoria the next day...]
That wonderful Monday in August was truly inspiring; I gained an insight into so many different studio set ups, work processes and most importantly, artists' lives. I learnt a little wisdom from each potter as to how they juggle their life and arts practice; that's precious knowledge.

I was sad to say goodbye to Adriana and I miss her now. Thankfully the wonders of the internet keep us in touch and we can support each other's work from a distance. Time for a serious plug now; I recommend you follow her blog, visit her website, like her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter AND especially on Instagram - @adrianachristianson.

AND I mustn't forget...Adriana manages the very brilliant Mud Colony, a space for potters from all over the world to join together and share our work every week!


  1. Geepers..
    Well Miss Katy, it was a pleasure to show you around Melbourne.I had forgotten about the M&M's !
    That was SUCH a fun day ,it was pretty exhausting, and thanks to all the generous lovelies who shared their day with us as well !
    And I tell you what Internet...look out for this girl...she is one of Australia's NICEST potters..and quite the talented lass :)

  2. Oh Adriana...I miss you! *sends hug via the interwebs*


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