Thursday, October 11, 2012

the week.

I've misplaced my 'normal' camera, so I'm not recording my studio days as much as I would like. In the absence of more substantial photographic evidence that I am in fact MAKING stuff, here are some Instagram shots: 
[early Sunday morning studio session]

[chai latte in my Allysha Hurd cup]

[Tuesday morning studio breakfast]

[my excellent $1 op shop find!]

[FINALLY trying my hand at Mishima inlay]

What's that? It's Thursday? I've remembered? It's time for Mud Colony! Did you see my interview over there on Monday?! Big love to Adriana.


  1. Hi there, I did see the interview! Glad you're having fun with the Mishima, I like to use it quite often, I just use a pencil to draw on the leather hard clay, the chai looks like a good way to start the day,

    1. Hi Michelle! I'm hoping to work on the mishima more this week :) thanks for leaving a note for me!


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