Wednesday, October 03, 2012

studios, biscuits and giggles.

A whole MONTH ago (umm, I started this post 2 weeks ago...hmm so make that 6 weeks.) I snuck down to dear Melbourne for a few days. After a year of online correspondence, I spent a precious day with fellow potter Adriana Christianson. We rendezvous'd at her Northcote Pottery studio in East Brunswick for the inaugural bout of grins and giggles, though I did just about compose myself to take a heap of photos of the gorgeous creative space shared by Adriana and her studio buddy, Kathy Fahey.
[Adriana's work table]

[I love the cacti!]

[studio motivation!]


[left: work in progress shelves. right: works available for sale]

[the shared display area]

[I adore Adriana's birdies!]


[Kathy's work - her colour palette is SO vibrant]

[Kathy's gorgeous illustrated vessels]

[Kathy's display area]

[This is amazing! Kathy calls these 'Artist Books', made from tissue paper, stonehenge paper and ink]

[Kathy's window]

[the clay plant creatures amused me!]

Dear Adriana dedicated a whole day to touring me round, visiting inner-city and country Victoria potters, including Sophie Milne, Jane Sawyer and her assistant Anne at Slow Clay, Julia Franz and Jane Annois. I grinned, laughed and gasped from start to finish. I'm embarrassed at how long it has taken me to write and publish this post - I was so inspired by the day that I should have been blogging as soon as I returned home. Speaking with these potters working in different aspects of the art community was incredibly encouraging and stimulating. These women shared their stories with me; how they came to be potters, how they work and sustain themselves, what they love about the medium. For me, it was an almost validating experience, in that I learnt that we all bear the same concerns and worries about our arts practice. I believed that I worried about aspects of my work only as an emerging artist, when in fact even ceramicists that have practised for 15 - 30 years are anxious about the same things as me! I now feel reassured that I am doing the right thing, I'm going in the right direction and my dreams and goals are completely within the realm of possibility. I owe a great thanks to all the artists I visited, but especially Adriana. You support me, you cheer me on and you make me smile when I need it most. Thank you.

(More photos from the day to be posted! :))

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  1. great post - can almost hear the giggles with that lovely Adriana :^) sounds like a wonderful inspiring day so thanks for sharing :^)


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