Tuesday, October 09, 2012

studio visit: jane annois

The penultimate stop on the Grand Adventure; Jane Annois' studio! Jane works in two styles; Raku, making sculptural or decorative pieces and “terre vernissee”, French tableware using traditional honey, green and blue glazes. Jane's French-style work really appealed to me, with its wonderful luscious glazes.

[LOOK at all that work!!]

There was more tea [we had a lot of tea and biscuits]...
[Adriana + Jane; typical potters, ignoring the food and inspecting the plate!]

[I forget who made this teapot, but it was lovely]
Jane has so many aspects to her ceramics practice; alongside producing her own work she organises 2 large  annual events for ceramic artists, Pottery Expo, as well as teaching ceramics, English and French and coordinating French cultural tours! Multi-talented much?


  1. Hi Katy, I have been on one of Jane's tours - you get to see the real countryside and some wonderful ceramics and studios! Love your line about potters ignoring the food :^)

    1. Hello Anna! The tours sound amazing! It was brilliant to meet Jane.


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